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glibc building problem

From: agentleon
Subject: glibc building problem
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 22:37:20 +0300


I've got a problem while trying to build the latest glibc-2.3.1. I've 
downloaded both glibc and the glibc-linuxthreads files, everything 
was OK. configure script (configure --prefix=/usr --enable-add-ons) 
executed fine, except i gaved me strande ***error about 
program 'msgfmt', wich he couldn't find. make compiled fine, until it 
reached 'iconvdata' subdirectory, where he posted a bunch of errors 
about repeated declarations and exited with *** failure. I've got 
Mandrake 8 with gcc-3.2 (on Intel Celeron 333Mhz, 192Mb RAM) 
installed and I can't find the reason of a problem. 

Is it possible that it is due to texinfo, wich I don't have? INSTALL 
claims that it will only affect docs installation process..

Best Regards, Leon.

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