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Welcome To The EPUB Discussion List!

From: EmailUniverse.com
Subject: Welcome To The EPUB Discussion List!
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 08:53:08 -0500

Welcome to the EPUB Discussion List!

The Email Publishers' Discussion List is for owners of email newsletters 
and lists who would like to get together and share their experiences and 
knowledge or ask questions. Topics include, but are not limited to, how 
to promote a newsletter, how to produce quality content, how to find 
advertisers, how to win reader loyalty, etc. The list is moderated by 
Janet Roberts of EmailUniverse.com (http://EmailUniverse.com/), the Email 
List Owner & Email Publisher Resource Network. 

You may not use the list to promote products or services with which
you have a marketing agreement or which benefit you directly unless
you disclose that. Also, any products or services you promote must
relate directly to the needs of email publishers and advertisers.

How do I post to this list?
Send an email to  mailto:address@hidden
The list is set to accept only plain-text messages. If you send
messages in formatted text -- HTML, rich text, etc. -- they will
be rejected.

How to get off this list:
Send an email to  address@hidden

How to join this list:
Send an email to  mailto:address@hidden

Send an email to  mailto:address@hidden

Please direct any problems to http://emailuniverse.com/epub/contact/

Thanks for becoming a member of the EPUB List Community!
EPUB is a member of the http://EmailUniverse.com/ Network.
You are also invited to join some of our other related lists:

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