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seek your help

From: perrykh
Subject: seek your help
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 19:36:36 +0000

om:Mr perry

Dear Friend
I write to seek your help in the context below, I am
the SON of DR ROBERT the chairman of Sierra Leonian
Diamond Mining Corporation , who was massacred by
president Tijani Kabba force in their struggle to
reinstate him back to power.I decided to trust you
because I am at a crossroad and have this feeling we
could work this out for our mutual benefit.

Before the death of my father he disclosed to me where
he deposited some consignment in a neighboring country
in West Africa.And the document regarding this
consignment was handed over to me by my father.He kept
these consignments under an Security Company concealed
in a trunk box as diamond in their vault is $62.5
million (USA).But only declared to the company as
diamond and due to previous transaction of depositing
diamonds in the past by my late father it was accepted
without any check up. I carefully search and found the
security Company where the consignment were deposited
for safe Keeping in their security vault in the
neighboring Country.

The Security Company has accepted to release the
consignment factually to me if I come with my father's
foreign partner.I am seeking your assistance because
my father has declared the record with the company
stating that his foreign partner shall be the
authorized person to make claim on this consignment on
my behalf,because of his positioning government on
which no name was given by my father as his foreign

To this effect, I request to make the beneficiary of
His consignment in your name as foreign partner to
Claim this consignment. For your assistance, room is
Open for ngociations. This is a risk free transaction
As my father deposited this valuable as a personal
Belonging.In this situation every process to
completely move This valuable may not exceed (5)
working days, if your co-operation to assist is sort.
I shall be very Grateful to hear from you, all
documents concerning this are intact with me, please
kindly e-mail me as Soon as possible .

In view of our plight, I pray that you are trustworthy
and kind enough to respond to this call of (S.O.S) To
save our family and I from a hopeless future.

Reach me via my above contacts.Meanwhile I remain

I look forward to your quick response, May almighty
GOD bless you and your family.


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