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"30 Ways to Cut Costs & Maximize Your Business Assets" seminars

From: APAC Institute
Subject: "30 Ways to Cut Costs & Maximize Your Business Assets" seminars
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 12:49:36 +0800


Two Half-day Seminars - October 9, 2003 (Thursday) - Regal Hong Kong Hotel
30 Ways to Cut Costs 9:00 am to 12:30 pm

In today's global management environment, cost constraints, rationalizations and reductions are becoming more prevalent and even inevitable. Although many businesses are prospering, the majority are still facing pressures to improve profitability and generate more cash flow. There are two ways to achieve this - increase income or cut costs. Cost control skills of business owners or heads and managers are being put to a severe test. The ability to demonstrate strong cost management behavior is becoming much more imperative, often under time pressure to deliver results. A pragmatic attitude towards costs and knowing where to find savings quickly are essential.

Course Content

  • What are Costs?
  • Superb Cost Management Principles
  • The Cost Management Mindset
  • The 30 Cost-Cutting Ways

30 Ways to Maximize Your Business Assets 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm

It's no use holding stocks if you can't convert it into sales
It's no use having sales if you can't convert it into cash, and
It's no use having cash if it's too late to pay your debts!!

In to-day's economic downturn, every business is actively pursuing avenues to generate more income. However, increasing sales may not come so easy these days and there is therefore an urgent need for all business or functional heads to grasp and apply fundamental financial know-how, skills and tools to manage their working capital such as inventory, debtors, cash, creditors and debt.

Course Content

  • Understanding Cash Flow Implications of Working Capital
  • Managing and Maximising Your Business Assets
  • Managing and Minimising Your Business Liabilities

About the Facilitator - Vincent Loh
Vincent Loh was previously the group general manager of Royal Selangor Group of Companies, chief financial officer and vice president for the Cambodia operations of
FACB Berhad, and commercial director of the Technology Division of PA Consulting Group in the UK. He has helped companies in many ways such as market-based business planning, brand repositioning, computer system implementation, business investment and disinvestment, corporate restructuring, HR management, accounting controls and reporting reorganization, and debt management. An expert in finance management, Vincent started his own management consultancy practice to capitalize
on his depth and range of experience - providing consulting, management development and training services to clients in strategic, general, financial and HR management.

Investment (10% discount for Group of 2)
EARLY BIRD HK$980 each
REGULAR HK$1,280 each

Print and fill out form and fax to (852) 2836-6729
For inquiries, please call (852) 2836-5297

or email address@hidden

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