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very urgent

From: Mr Bolingo Ibro
Subject: very urgent
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 19:57:03 -0600

Dear Friend, I wish to introduce the person of Charles Taylor, the former President of Liberia under whose Authority I am contacting you. Enormously, Charles Taylor has acquired wealth before the left Liberia for Nigeria to seek Asylum. However, as unsolicited this mail might seem to be, you must understand that it is simply a desperate move to secure his wealth in any account in Asia since his detractors are obviously the western world, who in no time are to begin the freezing exercise of his various accounts. I am Mr Bolingo Ibro a close associate of Charles Taylor, in my possession are documents and legal binding papers already signed by Charles Taylor given whoever chooses to assist him in transferring his wealth to his/her account. This however was formulated and covered under the charitable Intl Law of 1965 which states that “an individual can willfully donate his money or funds to amounting to the height of his financial ability and acceptable by the recipient without tax” under this act, we can transfer any funds to your organization without questions and you will be entitled to 20% of our total transfer to you. Let it be known to you that the said funds will not be mentioned to you till the receipt of a mail from you vowing to keep this as discreet as possible, never to mention this transaction to the hearing of anybody. If this interests you, reply as soon as possible including also your private telephone/fax numbers for our mutual understanding and oral conversation. Looking forward to hearing from you. Please kindly reply with address@hidden Best regards, Mr. Bolingo Ibro
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