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mutual benefits

From: francis morgandi
Subject: mutual benefits
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 06:23:14 -0700

I am Rt.Capt, Francis Morgandi from Liberia, a combatant army of the Liberia 
Army until last month that my boss,Charles Taylor, was dethrown as head of 
state of Liberia and sent to exile Nigeria.I am presently in a political 
assylum in Switzerland.

Liberia has been in political crisis over a decade now along which the country 
has left in very devastating state .They say absolute power intoxicate 
absolutely,my boss and other leader like late Samuel Doe and Yomi Johnson, have 
really caused a lot of wreckage to the beautiful and peaceful country called 
Liberia and Monrovia that has always been the pet of Africa is now a bundle of 
ruins and all these destructions were purchased with our own money.

As a soldier, you cannot reble your boss, otherwise, you will be seized, 
charged for treason and murdered.Though, I had never support the war situation, 
I had to play along always to remain alive and by so doing,I won the trust of 
my boss who continually entrust state funds to me to always go and deposit in 
various security company in Europe in my name, so that his activities cannot be 
tracked down, and I would subsequently make contact with the ammunition experts 
and them the legal documents of such deposition so that they can go and claim 
the consignments from where ever I have deposited them and proceed to supply 
the ammunition to his private armoury in a neigbhouring country.

My boss feels comfortable to use me for such duties because I am trained lawyer 
by profession and I can ensure that Legality of the movements of such funds It 
might amaze you to know that within a period of 3 years, I have helped my boss 
to move US$50million dollars to various security vault all over Europe Asia for 
the purchase of deadly mass weapons with destruction. Shortly before he was 
dethrown, he gave me a total of US$2.5million dollars to be deposited with the 
solid Trust security in Madrid Spain, where his weapon producers could easily 
travel to clear the funds have the deadly weapon delivered at his base but 
unfortunately, I have not handed over the documents to the so called customer 
from south Korea before he was dethrown and upon his dethrownment, I  saw this 
as my life opportunity to remain in cash for ever as soon as I can get out of 
this detention.

I have told my boss that all the documents regarding the clearing of this 
funds, have been sent to the producers in South Korea and they may have 
suspended the delivery of the weapon as a result of the sudden end of the war 
and I have also told him that they will make arrangement to reimburse him at a 
later date in the future, he is not bothered about that anyway, as he has 
counted it among the  losses incured in the war.

I will handover all the necessary documentation to you, after we have reached a 
written agreement  and you will simply contact the security company and clear 
the funds where they are.I will give you the power of Attorney and if you are 
unable to travel to Spain, you can pay them to deliver the consignments to your 
address in your country.

The good thing about this is that we do not deposit this funds as money, we 
declare them as family treasures (GOLD BAR) and we normally register the 
consignments as diplomatic consignments which they have immunity for custom and 
other security checks, the security company does not know what we have in the 
consignments as they do not have right to open any diplomatic consignments.I 
have recently call the security company to verify the status of the consignment 
and they said they are still safe and intact since they were deposited in 
February this year. I am really desperate to clear  these funds now because 
this is a life time opportunity. I do not have the means to clear them and my 
movement are restricted because of my association with Charles Taylor.Morealso, 
It is entrenched in the deposit documents that the consignments will be cleared 
by a foreign partner of the depositor which means I will give you the power of 
Attorney to pose as the foreign representative of the depo
sitor. I am not greedy, so I am very willing to split the money 50/50 with you. 
I beg you to keep this a top secret, not revealing it to anybody no matter how 
close you are.The issue of confidentiality cannot be over-emphasized in this 
transaction and I am sure you understand this.If you are satisfied and you 
thing you like this deal, you have to get back to me so that we can go into 
proper agreement.

I await your immediate response to this mail, so that we can commence with the 
process of releasing the funds and I will also entrust my share on you for 
investment pending when I have total freedom but we have to entrench all these 
in a working deed of agreement so that no party will be cheated now and after

Truly yours,

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