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Please Help me !!!

From: Jebeniani Tayeb
Subject: Please Help me !!!
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 15:33:48 +0200

I am an oracle and system administrator. I'm trying for a month to install :
Oracle 9i Database (64-bits) Rel 2 ( for linux Intel Itaniuml
On : my server (DELL PowerEdge 7150 bi-processor (Itanium 733 Mhz) )
with : Red Hat Advanced Server for The Itanium Processor Operating system
I have chaged the kernel, glibc an gcc with the versions described by different documents.
but the oracle's binarys dont work, and i receve (illegal instruction) when i try SQLPLUS for example !!!
I think that i'm enable to get the right glibc and the gcc rpms that can work with itanium-linux.
One document says that i must get (Linux Header Patch 2.4.18 ) from Intel !!!
I'm searching for days but no way !!!
Tha's very urgent ...
Please Help Me ..., this is my E-mail : address@hidden
Many thanks ...
Tayeb Jebeniani

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