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Korean locale's non-abbriated month name fix

From: Changwoo Ryu
Subject: Korean locale's non-abbriated month name fix
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 01:14:45 +0900

Typically in Korea, months are represented as 1<UC6D4>, 2<UC6D4>,
3<UC6D4>, ...  with numerics, like in China or in Japan.   But the
current implementation is <UC77C><UC6D4>, <UC774><UC6D4>, ...  <UC77C>,
<UC774>, ... are 1,2,... represented (just pronounces) with Hangul.  

Well, the initial author might think writing Hangul was always
preferable..  Though it was a good try, Korean people never write the
month name in this way.

Attached a patch to fix localedata/locales/ko_KR.

Changwoo Ryu <address@hidden>

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