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From: rudolph_sharman
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2004 15:58:56 +0200

Rudolph T. Sherman.


My name is Rudolph T. Sherman , i am from Liberia. During the Charles Taylor 
regim, i was one of his aids. Before he was forced out of office by 
international community and he warned that none of his money will kept or 
invested in any UN members because,they are the people pushed him out of power 
in his own land, he is now in Nigeria where he was granted asylum. Because of 
the problems in the country, before he went on exile, alot of funds was 
deposited out side with the name of the wife, the most recent is the one that 
was transfered a week before they left Liberia. 

Now because Moses Blah who was the person he handed over to, will soon 
relinguish powers to Bryant who has been choosen to run the inter rim 
governmet, there is the tendecy that he, charles taylor will be probed more 
over they want to try him at war tribunal for war crimes he committed in 
sierra-leone and liberia , so we are looking for a capable person who will go 
and claim the money, and transfer it to his personal bank account for safe 
keeping and onward investment. 

The amount of money involved is huge and it was deposited in a security company 
due to the war situation when the money was transfered.there are other funds 
that was deposited in banks in so many countries and even diamonds, that has to 
be taken care of. If this money is successfully transfered from the security 
company, we will face the once in banks. So please if you can do it, please 
don't fail to let me know through my email address, i am presently in Nigeria 
and will be going to see him, Charles Taylor and his family in Calabar his 
asylum ground (city), that is why i said you should reply by mail. 

Please,we will all benefit from it, if we succeed.when you reply i will tell 
you the next step. 


Rudolph Sherman. 

NB: Honourable Charles Taylor only trustee and hope.

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