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kernel functions for m68k

From: Dhaval Prajapati
Subject: kernel functions for m68k
Date: 20 Jul 2004 04:43:21 -0000

     I am working on glibc for m68k architecture. In 
'glibc-2.3.2\sysdeps\m68k\fpu\' path there are k_cos.c,k_cosf.c,k_sin.c,.. 
files which are uses kernal functions. I would like to know that why these are 
necessary? Even s_cos.c which also return value of cosine.
In another architecture I have seen below comment.
/* Empty.  This file is only meant to avoid compiling the file with the
   same name in the libm-ieee754 directory.  The code is not used since
   there is an assembler version for all users of this file.  */

Thanks in advance,

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