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Re: [PATCH] Fix for bug in pthread_key_delete

From: Petter Reinholdtsen
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fix for bug in pthread_key_delete
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 22:15:29 +0200
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[Timo Teräs, 2003-07-22]
> Hi.
> I've investigating originally a PHP related bug, but it turns out the
> real bug lies within pthreads implementation.
> The situation is that the PHP code uses thread specific data always
> but in some circumtances it didn't create any threads at all. This
> revealed that pthread_key_delete didn't work in those coditions properly;
> it fails to clear the TSD value.
> I have attached a program that reproduces the bug. I've also attached
> a patch that should fix the problem. However I haven't been able to
> test the patch so I'm not sure about that one.
> Please double check the patch and apply if it seems ok.

Hi.  I'm not sure if the glibc maintainers read this list.  You should
consider submitting your bug to the glibc bugzilla, available from

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