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ADV: Floor & Phone Traffic Accountability-Video

From: Managed Floor
Subject: ADV: Floor & Phone Traffic Accountability-Video
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 12:14:46 -0700

Forward to Dealer/GM,

Customer Floor & Phone Traffic Accountability with a Managed Floor 

Sell more units without spending more advertising money - Getting more out of 
your current resources is a key step to increasing Dealership profits. 

Implementing customer floor & phone traffic accountability using a “Spotter” at 
your store will increase your logged traffic by 200-300%. Statistics gathered 
from actual dealership operations reveal you are likely missing that many! - 
More quality leads equals more sales!
1. It’s a simple step in most Dealerships. Don’t hire new staff; re-define the 
sales receptionist job description. A one-time expense that allows you to free 
up time is as simple as installing a single level call prompter on your phone 
system. This new responsibility of “Spotter” is critical to obtaining an 
accurate log of the Customer floor traffic. More leads equals more Sales. 

2. Implement a simple “No Option” rule for the dealership. “We log ALL floor & 
phone Up’s”. If you have a strong management team that believes in building 
profits, this is an easy task. 

3. Try an easy test at your location. Pick a Saturday and have a senior 
management member such as your GM, GSM, Comptroller, etc. serve as a roving 
spotter to count all walk-on traffic. Compare their numbers with the day’s 
floor log (and the past few Saturdays). You will find, as have hundreds of our 
clients that your “real” floor traffic count will increase by 200-300% over 
your previous logs. 

4. A Spotter can also help enforce gathering accurate day-time phone numbers as 
well as email addresses in order to do follow up surveys and set appointments. 
The only valuable data is accurate data! 

5. The Spotter is an affordable and profitable position for your Dealership. By 
logging all un-reported leads, management is able to convert more of the 
existing Customer floor traffic into sales. It’s that simple!
Click on the Video link below - Floor Traffic Accountability

High speed Internet http://www.managedfloor.com/assets/Show_6.wmv

Dial up Internet http://www.managedfloor.com/assets/Show_652k.wmv

Thank you,
Paul DeMoret
Gresham Toyota

CDC Round Table Forum
Customer Management Solutions
950 NE Hogan Dr.
Gresham, OR 97030

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