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ADV: CallAudit makes our Toyota store profit!

From: OCM, Online Customer Management
Subject: ADV: CallAudit makes our Toyota store profit!
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 11:12:05 -0700

ATTN: Owner/GM,

As most dealers are aware of we have had our CDC (Customer Development Center) 
at our Toyota store in Oregon since 1989 and embraced the concept of customer 

Our staff always logged 330 Sales calls each month; we implemented CallAudit 
into our Toyota store 1 year ago. The first month we climbed to 550 sales calls 
and now average over 500 sales calls each month-with the same media cost.

We have made so many improvements with not allowing our staff to be BAD for 
very long and carve out the sales people that just slaughter our customers on 
the phones. 

This is all about converting more sales calls into car deals today! We listen 
to the sales calls very soon after they end and our manager’s are helping our 
staff convert the sale that day.

*Sell more cars today while your callers are still buyers not lost sales!

"It's put 5 deals on the books each week that would have been totally lost, 
that's 40k in gross/month"- Josh Wilcox, Manager- Gresham Toyota

Only $549.00 per month -Call for a Free Demo Now and find out how our Toyota 
Dealership makes Car deals every day with CallAudit. 

For more details visit www.OCMUSA.com and click on the CallAudit product link.

Paul DeMoret
Operations Manager

OCM-Online Customer Management
Customer Management Solutions
950 NE Hogan Dr.
Gresham, OR 97030

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