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Renewal of your website ( Pl. Reply Immediately)

From: Richa Tendulkar
Subject: Renewal of your website ( Pl. Reply Immediately)
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 13:00:40 +0530

 There are hundreds of website development companies on the internet

so why would you choose us?

Web Site Design @ Just Rs. 6, 500/- (Our Approach)

Here's some of the benefits of working with i2Eye Infotech.

 i2Eye Infotech are qualified designers and programmers which guarantees a high standard of work with web design and web programming.

i2Eye Infotech provide all the services from graphic design through to search engine optimisation so that your company will not have to deal with many different companies. Consultation with us is free, you tell us the design and functionality your company requires and we create a report for free.

i2Eye Infotech will support your company after the design has been completed, we will help and show you how to promote your company website to be as successful as it can be

Web Site Design : We take a systematic approach to the construction of your site. We focus on the organisation and layout of your information, the overall graphical presentation of the site, and the way in which customers will use and interact with your site. We will create a design that reflects and enhance your company's image. Successful websites are those that are kept fresh with new information, encouraging return visits from web-surfers. You should not see the creation of the site as the end of your project. You will need to do some form of maintenance on a periodic basis. Although each project has unique characteristics that will ultimately affect the tools we use during a project, our methodology remains the same across projects. We design USABLE websites that work for your target groups. To create a usable design we talk to you and your users. We create personas, define realistic tasks, and conduct upfront usability studies. In short, a usable design supports the goals of users. After doing our homework, we start the design process, asking the following questions: How will the site look?  / What navigational supports are needed by users? How can we communicate the unique qualities of your organization through the graphics and text? We see our designs as solutions to a unique set of circumstances and requirements. So each element of the design should directly support the goals and needs of you and your users.

Web Site Hosting and Web Site Optimization & Promotion

In today's date, reliability, speed and dynamism of a Linux server is unparallel in the market. We provide features like Streaming real audio /video, database development, java servlet support and advanced account management by means of our web-based control panel. A user gets totally independent with the access to the control panel, wherein he can administer his own web site.  OR Empower your web site with a performance based Windows NT Platform. A total support for Microsoft applications like MS Access, MS SQL, ASP, MS Index servers are provided in the package and are accessible to the base group of the web masters. We Provide both the solutions at special economical rates.  We maintain complete up-do-date knowledge of search engine principles, logarithms, find out and study competitors' position and target our clients' placement. This is very important for any website as once you  have achieved #1 position for your website SEO plays a very important role to maintain your website in #1 position. We popularize the website by targeted keywords over the web and use search engines, directory, boards,  newsgroups and various other tricks of trade by which the 'targeted word' is enquired and replied with our results over millions of pages.

 CD Presentations at Not Before - never Again Rate Structure :

The benefits of the interactive CD media, coupled with the immediate delivery of high quality audio, video or Flash presentations, means that CD-ROM remains a powerful marketing tool.

We create CD-ROM's keeping in mind the following objectives :-

  • New product launch
  • Make sure CD is interactive
  • Corporate presentations
  • Product catalogue for International and Domestic Market
  • Product Manuals
  • Customized multimedia presentations or Flash Development
  • Generate Quality sales enquiries

Three e-Books on Search Engine Optimization , Internet Marketing and Email Marketing at just Rs.1050/-

The award winning leading three e-Books on SEO,Internet and Email Marketing are now available at just Rs.1050/-. Please take the advantage of this special scheme. The search engine industry changes every year, and some search engines change many times every month. For that reason its hard to go through the entire publishing process and still have a relevant and current physical book about search engine optimization. Equally is the important the Email Marketing and Internet Marketing aspects giving boost to your business for sure. So pl. go get it now .................................

Contact Us at : +91 251 2420346 / 7 , Email Us : address@hidden


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