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Welcome to address@hidden

From: Topica Customer Care
Subject: Welcome to address@hidden
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 05:43:16 -0700


You've been successfully added to hashai, hosted at Topica. 
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future reference.

If you believe someone has used your email address without your 
consent, please contact Topica's Abuse Team at: address@hidden

A Word From hashai
Here is a welcome message from Anna Chao:
Hi, there!  It's me, and you, and e-mail!  What more could you want?

You've subscribed to the an bei notify list, which is exciting and new, and 
here for your pleasure.  Also, here for letting you know about updates and 
other cool things.  We're going to have tons of fun, and I mean it.

Thanks, welcome, hugs, kisses, woo!

Anna Beth

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