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AUG 24th Lead Training 3 Tips for working leads

From: HB Leads
Subject: AUG 24th Lead Training 3 Tips for working leads
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 23:15:06 -0400

HB Leads Lead Training
3 Tips for working leads

Before I get into today’s training I want to let you know 
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Our normal price for 500 email leads is $49, and that is
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If you make your order within the next 24 hours you 
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Don’t miss out on this great sale


Ok now to the training

3 great tips on working leads

Sell DREAMS and TEAMS.  Never forget prospects 
want time and money freedom more than anything else.  
Talk about LIFESTYLE, waking up when your done 
sleeping, firing the boss, etc.AND never forget to 
Sell your TEAM, sell your ENVIRONMENT, and 
you will attract more people.
WEATHER the STORM.  Some leads say one thing 
and do another.  Some leads provide inaccurate info 
and some don't. Some are curious and some are serious.  
But, you know what's amazing?  SOME LEADS are 
GEMS!  Just like a deck of cards - there are 4 ACES 
but you need to keep FLIPPING to find them.
Focus on LISTENING skills.   When you ask someone 
a question - try ASKING one more question about their 
ANSWER.  Two things will happen - you will LEARN 
more about them and they will realize you are sincere.

To your success,
Charles Ryder
HB Match

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