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Re: Re: approved (email to address@hidden)

From: Polyhedron Software
Subject: Re: Re: approved (email to address@hidden)
Date: 6 Sep 2004 11:55:29 -0000

Hello address@hidden,

Your email to address@hidden has not been delivered.
Polyhedron email addresses are now of the form

forename.surname (AT) polyhedron.com
forename.new (AT) polyhedron.com 
websales (AT) polyhedron.com

Please resend to the new address and - most importantly - 
change your address book accordingly.  From January 2005 
emails to address@hidden will be deleted without 
inspection or warning. 

As a temporary measure, you can release your original email 
from this automated quarantine system by clicking the 
following link


Thank you for your help!
Polyhedron Software Ltd.

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