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The BlueMagic Team.

From: Sponsor
Subject: The BlueMagic Team.
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 10:19:32 +0200



World Wide Search Engine.


BlueMagic is a commercial free search engine, which means No pop ups and flash commercials.

Our glory is to deliver the most accurate search performance on the Internet
By that we mean the most correct composition of words, not how fast the search is.

By making the world's information universally and useful, we can offer the most accurate and easiest way to find information on the internet among millions of web pages.
BlueMagic deliver relevant results and are working on delivering to users all over the world.

We want to become the biggest search engine in the world.
Now we can offer a search on 47 different countries. We also offer searches in our special Topics search area. For example our sports section where you can search on anything with sports.

Look under our Sponsor Section for info Klik her


Best Reg.

From the BlueMagic Team.



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