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From: sn22_jewel
Subject: GOOD DAY
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 16:40:46 -0700

Good Day,

Compliments of the day to you and your family.

First accept my apologies for intruding into your
privacy as this is not my intention.

I am Mrs Jewel Taylor wife to ex-president of Liberia
Charles Taylor. I want to discuss something of great
importance to you and myself as well.

I beleive you should have heard of my husband and his
present political crisis on the Media especially on
CNN and BBC, It is for this cause that i write you
this message.

I have a proposition to make to you as i have decided
within myself to seek the aid of a foreigner to
actualise this proposition it might be small to you as
i do not know you in person but it will do a lot of
good to i and my children.

For fear of privacy i cannot disclose this on my first
mail to you but will like you to respond to me so that we
can establish a means of understanding and

I assure you please do not be afraid as rather i
should be the one to be afraid for the step i am about
to take,i will establish a telephone communication
means with you after your response to this mail and
explain in details to you the proposition.

I await your mail response so that i can give you
detailed and confidential information as regards the

Please take this serious.

Yours Truly,

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