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Providing Certified Engineers - reg.

From: NetPro Certification
Subject: Providing Certified Engineers - reg.
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 17:45:11 +0530

Dated: August 31, 2004
Ref #: CMR-GDL-203-2004
The Head of Human Resource Development.
Dear Sir / Madam,
Sub: Providing certified engineers in the field of Networking, CDMA & GSM technologies – reg.
NetPro is an international certification program launched to provide quality manpower in the field of CDMA, GSM and various Networking technologies.  This certification program covers the domain areas in Systems, Networking, Mobile Communications and I.S.P technologies. In pursuit of excellence in Mobile Networking this certification covers the Industry oriented curriculum and certifies individuals who have acquired skills in this area.   Annually around 10,000 candidates mainly with an engineering background graduates as NetPro Certified Telecom Engineer.  
This certification equips engineers the required knowledge about the technology that exists in the industry and guides its associates towards success by providing quality curriculum and training assistance.  This process will help in identifying required skills sets for the companies involved in Networking, and Telecomm Business.
We have engineers who are certified through the evaluation conducted by us online and their skill sets are available in our online portal http://www.netpro-certification.net .To identify these professionals we are creating a FREE ACCOUNT in our portal to access the database of the certified engineers for your manpower requirements.  If your company is interested in selecting these professionals through our portal kindly let us know your annual manpower requirements, enabling us to provide you with good support.
Find herewith Annexure-A about the technical skills acquired by the NCTE.
We expect your reply through address@hidden for further proceedings.
Awaiting your reply at the earliest.
Yours Truly,
For NetPro Certification Programme
A. Jagannathan
Identify the need for new cell site
Selection of cell site after survey
By maintaining the trade-off between cost and Grade of Service calculating the number of BTS’s required.
Cell planning
Coverage prediction.
Interference predictions like Co-channel and Adjacent channel interferences.
Frequency re-use planning according to the allocated spectrum.
Design of cell parameters like hand-over, radio channel allocation.
Selection of radio parameters to optimize the radio coverage and capacity.
Network performance tracking
Monitoring Rx. power level, hand-over sequences, radio channel allocation, timing advance etc using TEMS by conducting drive tests.
Perform drive test and data collection, verify proper hand-offs, identify areas of poor coverage and call drops.
Network optimization
Improving the quality of the network and customer satisfaction by remodeling BSS parameters, antenna orientation, positions and tilts.
Diagnoses of wireless coverage, capacity & quality related problems and rectify it by thorough drive tests and data analysis.
Designing, tuning and optimizing of Networks
Radio Network Designing, Dimensioning, Tuning and Optimizing of GSM900/1800 networks for the mobile operators
Recommend Guidelines with planning objectives cost, capacity network expansion & spectrum restraints to the customer account both GSM 900/1800 and 3G CDMA
VPN implementation
VoIP Technologies:        Media Gateway, Signaling Gateways
IP Switching:                 Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices, Switches and Bridges
Protocols:                     RIP, OSPF, BGP, IPv4 & Ipv6
Remote Sensor Networking
Proxy Sever Technologies
Frame Relay
High Speed LAN
Cabling Concepts
DNS Concepts
IP addressing
Security Protocols

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