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From: Crawford
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 07:20:17 UT

The Royal Bournemouth Hospital
Castle Lane East
United Kingdom

Dear Sir,

I have a business proposal, which I know might Interest you. My name is Dr. Phillip Crawford, a medical doctor and the sole proprietor of the above specialist hospital.

I have a widow here in my clinic who is on a political Asylum in the English Refugee Camp, she has been so ill for some couple of months now. This woman confided in me based on the free medical attention I have been giving to her and her children.

She had revealed to me - her life history and about her late husband who was a top military officer in one of the West African country (Sierra-Leone) before his death during the civil war and the fortune she inherited from her late husband.

My profession permits quarterly audit of my accounts. Therefore, she has asked me to source a credible and trustworthy partner abroad who will manage her funds for investment, the sum of Twenty Eight Million Pounds Sterling which her late husband deposited in a safe Fiduciary Agent in Europe through a Security Company based in Abidjan. I wish to chose you for this venture and I believe you will be in the position to assist in managing this large sum in a profitable venture and also to help create a safe heaven for her and her children by making a residence arrangement for them in your country.

After she had disclosed this information to me; I saw the reason to request from her to allow me see the documents relating to this deposit of which she did, now I have the documents covering the deposit which I will not hesitate to fax to you the copies as a prove for your confirmation as soon as I receive your response via email. I am obliged to assist this lady
knowing too well that she has a limited knowledge in the business world and as such she can not manage this funds herself and in Africa in order to avoid any trace of her by the government, I will need from you a mutual understanding and then we
shall make plans on how the funds would be secured into an account in your name; after which you will arrange and travel immediately to meet with the security company Agent in Europe for clearing.

This amount is contained in a sealed trunk box and it is registered and declared as containing family treasures, so even as I am writing you now the security company and it's Agent is not aware that there is cash money in the trunk.

Let me assure you that this transaction is 100% hitch - free and risk free.

From my discussion with her, she has agreed to give you a reasonable amount of percentage for your involvement in this and this has to be discussed upon the receipt of your quick response on email: address@hidden

Thanks and God bless for your understanding.

Sincere regards,

Dr. Phillip Crawford.

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