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FROM: Mohammed Said.

From: mohasaid
Subject: FROM: Mohammed Said.
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 14:19:02 +0300

FROM: Mohammed Said.


My Name is Mohammed Siad, an Iraqis National from the Kurds an Accountant in 
Oil refinery in Durra. I am presently in Amman, Jordan Capital since U.S.strike 
Iraqi, few days to the expiration of the 48 hours Ultimatum before the strike.

I moved $45.5M dollars call-deposit to Security Company in Iran for 
safe-keeping.In my capacity as the accountant to the oil refinery in durra, I 
was the only person aware of this financial transaction call-deposit with the 
security company in Iran to be released to whom I will introduce to the 
security company as the beneficiary of the call- deposit of $45.5M, whom the 
oil installation company is been owed since I can not be able to go to Iran 
because of the war.

Now that the situation is not condusive for me to go to Iran, I am appealing to 
you if i can present you as the beneficiary of the call- deposit to the 
security company for the release of the deposit to your Account or any of your 
destination as part of the money being owed to you
by Durra oil Refinery Company Iraq.

As soon as this deposit is released to your Account by the security company in 
Iran or any of your destination,I will come over to meet you for disbursement 
30%-70%. On your acceptance on this transaction I will send to you the deposit 
slip Certificate for the call deposit to you as the
beneficiary to be release to you as part of the refunds owed to you by Durra 
Oil Refinery company Iraq.Or contact me through my alternative E-mailaddress: 

Awaiting your quick response,
Best Regards,
Mohammed Siad.

Acest email a fost trimis din interfata web http://www.bumerang.ro

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