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Build failure in nscd_setup_thread.c with linux 2.4 headers

From: Curtis Magyar
Subject: Build failure in nscd_setup_thread.c with linux 2.4 headers
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 16:18:47 -0500

Hello all.

I came across a build failure when compiling glibc with Linux 2.4
kernel headers installed.  There is a bug with details here:


The problem seems to be in a recent commit on Wed Sep 8 17:50:27 2004
by "drepper" here:

I worked around the issue here by copying the workaround in nptl/init.c here:

because __NR_set_tid_address is not defined in linux kernel 2.4.

So I thought I would ask for advice as to the best solution.  Should
the #ifndef in that file be moved elsewhere, where it can be #included
from nscd_setup_thread.c?  Or shall we harass the Linux 2.4 kernel
maintainer to make the change to asm/unistd.h which appears in the 2.6

Curtis Magyar

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