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GENDIA Newsletter

Subject: GENDIA Newsletter
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 17:57:29 +0200


Dear Colleague,

GENDIA has another new set of tests available: the new tests are screening panels that can be viewed 
by clicking on

We offer the following screening panels:

A. Prenatal screening panel (standard): 190 Euro (230 USD)
     1. Karyotype
     2. Cystic fibrosis

B. Prenatal screening panel (extended; Males): 310 Euro (370 USD)
     1. Karyotype
     2. Cystic fibrosis
     3. Spinal muscular atrophy

C. Prenatal screening panel (extended; Females): 430 Euro (515 USD)
     1. Karyotype
     2. Cystic fibrosis
     3. Spinal muscular atrophy
     4. Fragile X

D. Prenatal/premarital jewish: 600 Euro (720 USD)
     1. Tay-Sachs
     2. Gaucher
     3. Niemann-Pick
     4. Canavan
     5. Bloom
     6. Dysautonomia
     7. Fanconi

E. Male infertility: 190 Euro (230 USD)
     1. Cystic fibrosis gene mutations
     2. Y-deletions

F. Trombophilia: 250 Euro (300 USD)
     1. Factor 5 Leiden
     2. Factor 2
     3. MTHFR

G. Recurrent abortion:
     1. Thrombophilic Factors (ACA, Lupus Anticoagulans, Thrombin, Antithrombin Complexes (AT3), APC resistancy, Homocystine test, Protein S, Protein C)
     2. Hormonal Profile (FSH, LH, TSH, Prolactine)
     3. HLA Typing
     4. Chromosome Analysis (wife and husband)
     5. Full Blood Count
     6. Infections (Chlamydia, CMV)

GENDIA (www.GENDIA.net), a network of GENetic DIAgnostic laboratories aimed to facilitate diagnosis for genetic diseases, now offers close to 500 different genetic tests.

The lists of tests may be viewed by visiting the links below:

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information.

We look forward to be at your service.
Best regards,

Patrick Willems, MD, PhD
Director GENDIA
Address:  GENDIA
               p/a Patrick Willems
               Terbekehofdreef 20
               2610 Antwerp
Tel:  +32 3 303 08 01 (office) or +32 495 25 03 82 (cellular)
Fax: +32 3 877 29 57
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