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From: pha_oka
Subject: I HOPE ON YOU
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 14:18:38 +0100

Dear Sir,
I hope this mail would reach you in good condition.
You might be wondering how I got your contact, well I got your contact
through the chambers of commerce and tourism and through further scruntinazation
on the internet, I came across your personal contact, hence this mail from
a distressed family

I am Pharaoh C.Okadigbo, the first son of late Dr Chuba Okadigbo, the slain
Senate President to the fedral repubic of Nigeria who died as a result of
the  effect of tear gas directed at him during the ALL NIGERIA PEOPLES 
Rally in Kano on September 22 2003. His murder is still being investigated,
as my dad was a man that was well loved by the people of Nigerian.

Why he was killed still remains a mirage to us, which goes to solidiy the
fact that legends do not live long, i crave your indulgence to the sum of
us$12.5million which my father left behind under the custody of a security
firm based in Europe, while alive, he told me ostensibly that he would want
to invest the money in a  lucrative capital business venture abroad in good
time, there and then, he took
me to the apex headquartrers of the security base in my country where he
ldoged the said amount which was then diplomatically taken abroad via diplomatic
immunity through their courier services to Europe, pending when we will
be  ready to claim and invest it.

As fate would have it, My father was killed and ever since we have been
finding it difficult to ravage our financial situation, hence this write
up to you. After a very deep thought and due consultations with family members,
i have decided to contact you so that you could front as the beneficiary
of these funds to be invested in your country, all arrangements to ensure
the successful transfer of these funds to your account has been pre-planned.
For your efforts, you will be given 15% of the total funds, 5% will be for
miscellaneous expenses, while 80% will be set aside for the family which
will subsequently be invested in your country's buoyant investment markets.

I will unveil the full nomenclature of this transaction to you once you
indicate interest to finalise this deal with me, whilst we expect your
confidential phone and fax numbers on the receipt of this mail for extensive
disussion.Please reply through my private email address
please treat this mail as very confidential and very urgent.

Anticipating on your further correspondence Thanks and God bless.

 Mr. Pharaoh C.Okadigbo
 For the family

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