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Fw: libc / gconv too big

From: olivier . delouya
Subject: Fw: libc / gconv too big
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 15:43:20 +0200

----- Forwarded by Olivier DELOUYA/tak'asic on 30/09/2004 15:38 -----
Olivier DELOUYA/tak'asic

29/09/2004 19:59

libc / gconv too big


I am building a ramdisk for an embedded arm board with small memory foot print.
At this point, major space amount is consumed by the libc, especially gconv files.
Is it possible to get a light weight libc (supporting only English, for instance?)
Is it safe to brutally remove gconv files?
(I tried, without any apparent troubles..)

While I am in it, I would like to know if it exists a specific community around
Debian-Linux / arm in small memory foot print embeeded environment?
I would be interrested to participate

Thanks in advance

Olivier Delouya - Soft team leader - TAK'Asic
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