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This Is A Business Deal Proposal/ Can You Be Honest?

From: dantata williams
Subject: This Is A Business Deal Proposal/ Can You Be Honest?
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 17:30:07 +0200

Attn:The President/Director

My name is Engr.Dantata Williams I am the chairman of contract awarding 

for the past five years with patrol Ivoire, which is a national oil firm.

Three years ago, the late former military head of state, General Robert 
Guei,ask me to award a contract to a firm for supply of heavy-duty equipments 
to the oil firm (patrol ivoire).

He specifically called me after three months and asks me to prepare a payment 
voucher to the tune of $45,500,000.00USD (forty five million dollars)In favour 
of AL-bartis group, which never existed or did supplied any thing But what can 
I say to a dictator? Only to obey the instructions.

Unfortunately for him and fortunately for me, he was removed from office as 
president of the country.

As the new government of president Gbagbo took over, I was retained because of 
my sincerity.

I returned $20,500,000,00, Out the 45.5 million. I have been waiting for an 
opportunity to come when Ishall move this $25milliom out of the country for my 
personal use.

Right now I have created an avenue to move this money out of this country if 
you will be interested to provide me with your bank account, I will be glad to 
do the deal with you, shearing the money 30% for you and 70% for me.

It is 100% risk free for I will educate you on the steps to fallow as soon as 
you indicateyour interest.

Please forward me your private phone number for me to call you for better
Clarification .

Thanks and God bless us.


Engr Dantata Williams.

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