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[Newsletter] ASG - Recent Headlines

From: ASG Editor
Subject: [Newsletter] ASG - Recent Headlines
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 19:31:13 -0700

China's Orwellian Internet
The Internet once promised to be a conduit for uncensored information from beyond China’s bor­ders, and for a brief, shining instant in modern Chi­nese history, it was a potential catalyst for political and human rights reform in China. 10-20-2004

Children in chains: Part I
A man named James abducts a child from an orphanage in London. Trafficking the child around the globe, he first ships the young victim to Romania, where a life of prostitution and horrific pornography ensues for the helpless child. 10-20-2004

Porn on phone catching on in India
Sleaze through cellphone is in and it is catching on fast in the city. If you are really keen and you possess a high-end instrument, you can watch blue films on your mobile set. Understandably, the new development has left the cyber cops jittery. 10-20-2004

India's IT state to restrict surfing
India's southern state of Karnataka, of which the technology hub of Bangalore is the capital, is to restrict the use of Internet cafe to fight cybercrime and pornography, an official said Thursday. 10-20-2004

Equality of the sexes debate turns to all-girls schools
What are the advantages of going to an all-girls' high school? "I learned how to express my opinions," declares one 28-year-old woman who works for the media. But what are some of the disadvantages of attending an all-girls' high school? 10-20-2004

Downward spiral in births alarms Japan
The number of babies born from January to June this year was some 561,000 in Japan, a drop of 4,900 from the same period last year, officials have said. 10-20-2004

Asia-Pacific moving "too late and too slow" in fight against HIV/AIDS
Asia-Pacific risks an AIDS crisis similar in scale to Africa's unless governments across the region step up efforts to combat the spread of the disease, the United Nations is warning. 10-20-2004

Maid jailed for fake robbery, rape
A maid has been sentenced to more than nine months in jail in Singapore for theft after she faked a robbery at her employer's home, where she was found bound, gagged and in her underwear, a news report said. 10-20-2004

Chinese university students condone premarital sex: survey
In a survey of four universities in southeastern China's Fujian Province, 92 percent of students said they accept premarital sex, according to a report in China Youth Daily. 10-19-2004

Sexual harassment common in Japan's public education
Almost one in every 10 women working in the public education sector in Akita Prefecture has reported being a victim of workplace sexual harassment, a shocking survey has showed. 10-19-2004

Dozens of penis ops go wrong
Dozens of Thai men have been treated in hospital after having a suspected paraffin mixture injected into their penises during botched enlargement attempts, a hospital official said. 10-19-2004

Japanese year-end calendar craze, from anime to nude idols
Go to any bookstore in Japan in the fall and you'll see large posters advertising hundreds of calendars that are published in Japan. It's kind of an end-of-year custom in Japan to choose what wall calendars you'll sport on your wall for the next year, and the variety of calendars published - from JPOP idols to anime to sexy idols in bikinis to stuff that's just plain silly.

Korean sex workers call for licensing prostitution
Calling for the introduction of licensed prostitution, prostitutes and brothel owners launched their biggest rally yet since enforcement of laws prohibiting the sex trade was stepped up last month. The workers, who numbered about 3,000 at the rally, said they need employment security. 10-19-2004

South Korea targets sex trade, for now
As a one-month police crackdown on South Korea's multibillion-dollar sex industry draws to a close this week, most brothel districts in Seoul are deserted, but questions persist about what will happen once enforcement of a tough new anti-prostitution law eases up. 10-19-2004

Calcutta sex workers protest at ancient ritual
Sex workers in the Indian city of Calcutta are up in arms over an ancient ritual in which earth dug from near brothels is offered as a symbol of fertility to the Hindu goddess Durga. 10-19-2004

Rise in sex workers in Indian tourist towns
There has been an alarming increase in the number of sex workers in Himachal Pradesh towns popular with tourists, with an estimated 1,200 operating in this state capital alone, an NGO survey has revealed. 10-19-2004

Human trafficking pact to be signed in Yangon
Ministers from six countries along the Mekong River will announce a coordinated effort to fight human trafficking at regional talks in Yangon next week, a semiofficial newspaper reported. 10-19-2004

U.S. forces also crack down on prostitution
No more slaps on the wrist for soldiers venturing up Itaewon's "Hill" and to other areas known as places to buy sex. Starting next year, USFK servicemen convicted of doing so may face stiff penalties of time in jail and a dishonorable discharge. 10-18-2004

Saudi sentenced to 350 lashes for prostituion insult
The content of the meeting was not disclosed but the the meeting's taking place was not kept a secret when Minister Ehud Olmert and Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv met on Monday of last week. 10-18-2004

Asian children's forum demands protection from slave trade
Children from five Asian countries are demanding their governments provide greater protection from the modern-day slavery of human trafficking. 10-18-2004

Aids campaigners warn Navratri revellers looking for sex
Education minister Anandiben Patel hates to be reminded of her comment that number of abortions rise in Gujarat a couple of months after Navratri. But, four years after the state's women and child welfare minister made this statement, little has changed as NGOs take it upon themselves to turn the Navratri celebrations into a one big classroom for sex education. 10-18-2004

HK clinic says it offers designer babies without surgery, genetics
From a plush new clinic tucked away on the seventh floor of a drab Hong Kong office building, businessman Min Yoo says he can give would-be-parents the child of their dreams. 10-18-2004

American busted for sexual assault in Okinawa
An American civilian employee of the U.S. military here has been arrested for intruding into a woman's home and sexually assaulting her, police said. 10-18-2004

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