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easy Stores

From: john k
Subject: easy Stores
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 14:31:03 +0300

<BODY bgcolor=#FFFFFF leftmargin=5 topmargin=5 rightmargin=5 bottommargin=5>
<FONT size=2 color=#000000 face="Arial">
<A href="http://www.easy-stoes.com";><FONT 
color=#0000FF><U>easy-stores.com</U></FONT></A> lists only the very best 
e-shops. </DIV>
Simply select one of our 30+ general interest categories, and you'll find the 
very best shops, all easily identifiable via their company logos. </DIV>
We don't list 1000s of shops split into many subcategories, just the very 
best(upto 10) in each category - and one click takes you there! </DIV>
Our aim is that you spend less time searching, and more time <A 
color=#0000FF><U>shopping!</U></FONT></A> </DIV>

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