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From: david
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 10:07:32 -0800 (PST)

Good day My Good Friend,

My name is Dr.David James an attorney and  personal lawyer to  late Engr. Mark 
Stephen estate. Engr. Mark Stephen was a

member of board of directors of some blue chip companies . He retired in 1992 
and started oil lifting business till his death on the 4th of May 2002 in a 
plane crash in which his wife and two children died. They have since been 
buried. May

thier Soul rest in peace!

Please see the following website for information about the plane crash  
wereover100 people died:




Engr. Mark untill his death made some good money for himself and family while 
in active service and in his business since he

has several oil blocks both in Angola and Congo.

The reason for my contacting you is that there was a deposit he has in a 
security company in Holland  amounting to

US$12.3Million. This deposit has been with the Security company for close to 
two years after the

man's death. THe company has mandated me to provide the next-of-kin to the man 
within two weeks or else the money will be 


To this effect, I have made several efforts to locate any relative of the man 
but have failed to make any meaningful

progress. The Security company requirement in this kind of situation is that 
once somebody comes forward as the next of kin of a late customer with 
necessary prove, the money will be processed and wired to that person. But if 
nobody show up,after three years the money will be deposited into unclaimed

funds account Now that the deadline given is at hand, I would like

you to assist me in recovering this money from the security company as

the man's next-of-kin. There will be all necessary documentation to see to this.

The procedure for approval is simple once you indicate your interest, an 
affidavit of claim will be made and a letter of admnistration obtained from the 
probate Registry which will authorise the release of the funds to you. This 
documents and some others will be 

notarised and forwarded to the Security company forvetting. After  that, the 
document will be forwarded to the office of the Managing Director for approvals.

So you can see that there is no risk in this transaction. Everything will be 
properly arranged.

As you can see time is of great essence as the Security company has given me 
deadline.Contact me so that I will give you more information. But were you are 
not capable to do this transaction, please let me know so that I can look for 
another person that will be capable.

I expect to hear from you immediately.


Dr.David James.

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