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From: zoom2004
Subject: DEAR LOVE
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 01:41:16 +0100


The sum of #5.5 million dollars which has long been overdue for payout
is about been re-assimilated into our mainstream accounts, hence my
urgent need to contact you, a total stranger. My company, Industrial
and General Assurance Group, was responsible for the life insurance
of most of the victims of last December plane crash in Cotonou,
Republic of Benin.
After several advertisements for the next of kin or beneficiary of
the deceased's estate to come forward for such claims, we have
noticed that one Mr. Olly Ford never listed a beneficiary in his last
policy renewal, and as such no body came forward for the #5.5 million
dollars claim.
I have used my position to remove his payout file from among those to
be re-assimilated into our bank accounts and am now taking my chance
that you will accept to be the beneficiary of this payout. I, being
the Head of Legal, and Administration has all the necessary paperwork
to making you the beneficiary within 72 hours of your acceptance as I
have about 5 files to payout like this, I have decided not to be
greedy by offering to give you 25% of the claim, the rest you will
transfer to a secret bank account for me.
If this is agreeable to you, contact me on this e-mail address (

susan mizani osho

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