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From: hajiamay22
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 17:34:49 +0100 (CET)

                        DR. MORRIS THAMBO CONSULTANTS.
                      19 GOLDEN GATE RD. SUITE A61
                       JOHANNESBURG,SOUTH AFRICA.

Good day,

                    BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & CONCEPT.

We are renowned financial consultantS based in South Africa.
We shall be entirely responsible for the financing of this project. We
would like to develop business relations with you by establishing a  trust
agreement whereby you shall hold, manage invest and  distribute all assets
received from us in trust and the proceeds  there from, under the terms of
the trust agreement.

We have a valued client (a widow) who possesses US$79, 800,000
with a private equity investment trust company for safe keeping
only and subsequently, invest. She wishes to invest in a stable
Economy like yours under a stable and reliable management.
She would like to invest in real estates, high yield banking
programs, stocks, shares etc. You shall manage the investment
on our behalf under a written agreement and mutual understanding.

My client, because of her present status, cannot be involved
physically in the management of the fund hence this is going
by way of proxy and fiduciary agent in order to avoid any probe
by the present democratic government of South Africa.
I am requesting for your assistance to help secure investment outlets  and
other attractive investment programs available.

You should be aware that you and your associate will manage the complete
process & escort our fiduciary agent through the various procedures. We
shall pay for the inconveniences that we might cause you. 5% of the fund
has been set aside as an abstract projection for reimbursement to both
parties for incidental  expenses that may be incurred in the course of
this transaction.

Her interest is also in companies with potentials for Rapid growth in 
long terms. My client is also interested in placing part of her fund in
your company, if your country's bi-laws allows foreign investment.

You can contact me for more details via my e-mail: with your reference. Do
not have any doubt in the 100% workability and maximum success  of this
business.We trust that you would give us your full  trust and

Yours faithfully,

Dr.Morris Thambo,

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