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Please revert to me on this issue.

From: dondongerald
Subject: Please revert to me on this issue.
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 21:27:58 -0800

Dear Friend
Good day to you. I may have to trouble your sense of personal achievement and 
reward for an opportunity properly taken advantage of.
I work for Allied Irish Bank (AIB) here in Dublin, Ireland.
 I am a relationship officer and one of my biggest customers was Isam Mattar, a 
Lebanese, now deceased.
He had a fixed time deposit with my Bank which has matured and remains
Unclaimed till now. It runs into the value of 24 Million Euro.
I knew him so well since he was one of my most performing accounts. However the 
account opening package of Isam Mattar does not contain any next of kin and 
neither has it been possible to trace any relative of Sam Mattar.
 My personal know of Isam Mattar and experience in the banking industry reveals 
that such monies remain recycling in the monies of the bank until finally they 
may be dissipated as unclaimed funds.
A colleague of mine who works in the Legal Department and particularly in the 
Inheritance Unit has agreed with me that I clandestinely look for someone who 
will assist us to have the money legally claimed and moved out of our bank for 
our joint purpose.
 We are in house members and have put in place effective measure to ensure that 
this works out smoothly We need you to front as the
Beneficiary of the estate of Isam Mattar. This is simple and will be done at 
our end.
 We will employ the services of an external solicitor to help prepare
Letters of probate which in your favour as the beneficiary of Isam’s
This will be registered in our country’s High Court Probate Division and then
Forwarded to our Bank and you will thus be given access to the money as the 
This is sure as we have put in measures to ensure that this works without any 
Assurances are given you to this effect, we have our job to protect and
Cannot afford to fail.
When you have safely secured same and moved the money to your given account we 
shall then meet and have the booty shared. We have decided that your share 
shall be 30% while we shall take home 35% each.
 Kindly take note of this to avoid ant future dispute on how to distribute the 
facility among us.
 I think this is an open show of magnanimity, we have given too much concession 
and will not go a single Euro beyond this.
If you are capable of putting your time and efforts towards the actualization 
of this, kindly reach me and let us work together to get achieved. Be sure to 
reach me on my sify account: address@hidden
Please have every second thought and be sure if you are interested before you 
contact me, don’t just contact me because of the amount involved but please 
only do so if you know you are genuinely interested and will give it the 
required commitment for the good of us all.
Have a very wonderful day.
Yours truly,
MacDonald Gerald

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