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Can you handle this?

From: Mr.Princewill Fortune
Subject: Can you handle this?
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 22:01:15 +0000

Mr. Princewill Fortune
Rue Portin X Blaize
Diagne St. Louis Senegal
Email: address@hidden
Tel:+221 571 9140
Date:10th November,2004.

Attention: President/C.E.O

I am a branch manager of a Security Company here in St. Luis-Senegal. I got 
your address and good profile from one of your country's CD RUM BUSINESS 
There is a deal I wish to tender for your considerations and acceptance to 
execute with me.

It was a week ago that one new customer came to my office and declared his 
interest to deposit two trunk boxes containing photographic materials with my 
company for a period of four weeks only. I then took the boxes into the 
inspection room which is next door to my office.

In line with my company's operational procedures, I gave him "Deposit 
Application Forms" to complete with his passport photographs. I then informed 
him that the managing director of my company will have to inspect the content 
of the boxes before his application forms could be endorsed and Deposit 
Certificate issued to him as depositor. I noticed that he became uncomfortable 
immediately I told him that the boxes would be inspected.

It is because of my suspicion that I decided to personally go to the MD's 
office to inform him that we have a new customer who wants to deposit items. To 
my greatest surprise, I came back to my office to see that the man was already 
making his way out my office with the two boxes. When my personal security was 
trying to stop him, he hastily jumped into his car and ran away.
Unfortunately, he could not make his escape with one of the boxes.

I took the left over box and went to my office. I was shocked when I opened it 
and found out that it contains United States of American dollars in "Hundred 
Dollar" bills. After the official working hours, I stayed back and counted the 
money. It is original Forty Million American Dollars .

Fortunately, when I was listening to African news the next day, the same man 
that came to my office was shown on television. The news is that the man is a 
rebel leader in Angola who ran away with the group's money made from sales of 
gold from the area under his control in Angola.

Presently, I am the only person who knows about this money and since there is 
now records in my company regarding its existence, I am contacting you to seek 
permission and advice on how to urgently make shipment of this money to Europe 
in your name as the beneficiary of the consignment. You shall travel to Europe 
to receive it for safe keeping pending my arrival to meet you over there.

After the deal, I want 20% of this money to be shared to some charity homes to 
be decided by you and I. Then we shall share equally the remaining 80%.
I will solely rely on your business experience/advise to invest my share of the 
transaction in your country.

Please acknowledge immediately receipt of this confidential and important 
message if you are interested.

Mr. Princewill Fortune

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