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From: camooru
Subject: URGENT.
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 02:15:09 +0700 (ICT)
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From: Mr. Camooru Ebiebi
Date: 09-11-2004


We are contacting you with trust and confidence even
though we have not met before and because of the
nature of the business I am about to  introduce. I
want to remain positive having the faith that you will
be capable to do business with us.

I am Camooru Ebiebi, the manager of the National
Electric Power Authority(N.E.P.A) Lagos head quarters
(annex) Nigeria. As the manager of this corporation, I
am entitled to look into every department, to make
sure that everything is working out fine.By the way, I
have been the manager of this branch for about four(4)
years now. However,in the course of my duty, I
discovered that the accounts of the corporation were
not corresponding, So I summoned the accountant, it
was in the course of our investigations that lasted
for about 8 (Eight) days that we discovered that about
$12.5M(Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars)
has been floating in this corporations account for
quite some time now.

Further investigations revealed to us that the former
manager (of blessed memory) had over invoiced a
contract that has already been executed and payment
done before I assumed office. Moreover this money has
already been approved for payment before the demise of
the late manager and I can bet that the late manager
had wanted to keep the money before his untimely

Based on this, I and on behalf of my accountant (
Abdul Watego ) who is also my only partner in this
deal, seek in confidence your assistance to help us
hold this money in secret pending when we shall come
over for proper disbursement and possible investment
in your country, hope you understand?.

Presently, We have transferred the money to the Apex
Bank of Nigeria forex account from which it will be
paid to you. We have agreed to let you have 10% of the
money or about $1.25m while I and my partner will keep
the remaining amount .

This transaction is neither risky nor illegal as the
money has already been approved for payment, all we
need do is to present your particulars as the
beneficiary of the fund after securing some payment
documents over here and the payment will be made in
your favor. 

According to my accountant, this transaction is
expected to last a maximum of twelve(12) working days
from the date of assumption. Please you have to keep
this transaction very confidential because of the
officers involved, we do not want to jeopardize our
jobs even after this transaction is concluded.

Further directives will be sent to you as soon as I
receive you positive reply.

Best regards,

Mr.Camooru Ebiebi.

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