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Business Request

From: Xolani Booi
Subject: Business Request
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 21:57:14 +0200

20 Sharpsville Rd.
                Tel: 27-83-996-0313
Johannesburg, South Africa.
Fax: 27-11-507-5066
Greetings from our family! First, Actually, our family does
not know you before, but we believe that a business
relationship of this nature will link both families
permanently together. I am Mrs. Julia Booi the wife of late
Mr. Clement Booi who was recently murdered in Zimbabwe land
dispute. Before the death of my husband on Wednesday the
16th day of April 2003, he was a prosperous tobacco and
coffee farmer in Zimbabwe and one of the major
financier/sponsor of the opposition party- Movement for
Democratic Change in Zimbabwe. I got your contact from a
directory; hence I decided to contact you. Our family used
to live in a town called Chirundu about 185km from Harare,
the capital city of my country Zimbabwe, Chirundu was
largely a peaceful and farming area where, one can own
lands and cultivate it if one works hard enough. The
relatively peace existing in Chirundu were shattered as the
ruling party sponsored land invasion by war veterans. The
agents of the ruling government of President Robert Mugabe
amongst the few black Zimbabwean rich farmers murdered my
husband in a planned motor accident for his alleged support
and sympathy for the Zimbabwean opposition party due to
their strong opposition to the tyrant governance of
president Robert Mugabe.

This group consists of mainly whites and a few black rich
farmers, however due to their strong agitation for a change
in government, Mr. Mugabe then resorted in eliminating the
members of this group by using all measures and it happened
that my late husband was a victim of circumstance. Mr.
Mugabe first started with the introduction of a land reform
act, which had adverse effect on the majority of the white
farmers and a few blacks. Unfortunately for my husband and
some of his associates, they were arrested and detained on
one of their meetings in our capital city (Harare). After
much pleadings and peaceful demonstration for them to be
released, Mr. Mugabe agreed but instead killed some

Since then they have been terrorizing my two sons Mr.
Xolani and Phillip, but we succeeded to work for our escape
to a near by country. Currently I?m living in South Africa
with my two sons and a daughter namely Xolani, Phillip and
Monica, as asylum seekers and we live a very low profile
life no one knows our real identities here. Apparently
before the death of my husband he called my attention in
the hospital and narrated to me how he deposited the sum of
US$22.8Million(Twenty-two million Eight Hundred Thousand
United State Dollars) in one of the private security
company in South Africa, as if he foresaw the looming
danger in Zimbabwe my late husband intended to use this
money in purchasing of new machines for the farms and
establishment of new ones in Mozambique and Malawi before
his untimely death.

This money was deposited as precious metal to avoid seizure
and much demurrage with the security company, our inability
to move these money out of South Africa lie on the fact
that the fiscal and financial policies of the South African
government which restricts refugees from operating bank
accounts, access to work and study is also prohibited hence
our resolve to contact you. In view of this, we decided to
invest this money anywhere were we can better our life,
from the above you will understand that our entire life
depends on this money, as such I shall be very grateful if
you can assist us to transfer this money out of South
Africa to your company or personal account in your name.
Please note that by your offer to assist us, we will
discuss a suitable compensation for you, and also I would
like to mention too that this transaction has no risks
involved from your end as long as both parties maintain
maximum confidentiality but we're afraid because we do not
want to fall in a wrong hand. We would want to know if you
have handled any transaction of this magnitude before and
assurance from you that our family have your complete trust
and that this money will be safe once transferred to your
account. Send your reply using the above email
Awaits unalloyed for your response
Xolani Booi  (for the family).
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