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Highest Commission in the industry 22to 30 percent Check out Glodalrxmed

From: Joseph Black
Subject: Highest Commission in the industry 22to 30 percent Check out Glodalrxmed.com affiliate program
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 15:50:23 -0600

Dear Web Marketers,

My Name is: Joseph Black, I am the Affiliate Director for Rxshare.com.  I
would like to take this opportunity to introduce this NEW Pharmacy Affiliate
Program called RXshare.com.  I am launching this program with a quality
organization call globalrxmed.com.  The groups of partners in
Globalrxmed.com and Rxshare.com have been marketing on the Net for over
seven years, so they have several years of experience in the online pharmacy
market.  They now are ready to offer this business to the internet
marketers.  They are a fully licensed offshore pharmacy operating out of San
Jose Costa Rica.  The company has been shipping products around the world
for many years.  They are ready to expand their operations, so they have
partnered with RXshare.com to build a world class affiliate program.  

RXshare.com is a Professional Marketing group staffed with experts to assist
our web partners to deliver a solid ROI and to expedient the growth of their
businesses.  RXshare.com is committed to the highest level of standard in
the industry.  At RXshare.com we strive to exceed and create new standards
in the affiliate marketing industry.  I have managed and built several
affiliate programs in my career, all of which were operated with a standard
of excellences second to known.  We take no exception to the level of
accuracy, integrity and support of our partners.  I make myself available 7
days weeks to any of our web partners.  Here is list of the feature I will
be building into this program

1.      Quality Programs from Licensed citable pharmacy partners
2.      State of the art order and tracking systems
3.      All programs that RXshare.com manages will be constantly monitored
evaluated and scrutinized
4.      On time, Every time: Affiliate payment on the 5th day of the month
5.      Payment approval ration above 98%
6.      Fresh marketing material coming regularly at no cost to the
affiliate partners
7.      SEO SME on staff to assist you
8.      Multi-language support staff
9.      Marketing department with 25 years of combined internet marketing
10.     Multiple commissions structures: standard commission program and the
tiered program from 22% to as high as 30% 

RXshare.com manages and develops the affiliate program for Globalrxmed.com
We offer our affiliates a choice in commission programs.  The two different
programs we offer are: our Standard program and our Tiered sales volume
program. You can set the bar on how much percentage and cash you want to
make. Find out below how much you can make with our tiered approach to
business and volume.

Standard Commissions Program

We offer a Standard commissions program with the following Commission
structure.  The affiliate payout is $10.00 plus 15% of the total gross sales
on all new orders; all refills or re-orders pay 15% for the lifetime of the

1 order per day                                 4 orders per day

1 x 30 = 30                                             1 x 120 = 120
$10.00 X 30 = 300                                       $10.00 X 30 = 1200
15% of 197.00 = 29.56                           15% of 197.00 = 29.56
30 X 29.56 = 886.80                             120 X 29.56 = 3547.20

Total Commissions earned                        Total Commissions earned
300 + 886.80= 1186.80                           300 + 886.80= 4747.20

Tiered Commissions Program
We are offering a four-tier commissions structure based on sales and volume
dollar values.  At GlobalRXmed.com we reward those who drive the most volume
in sales.  We have the most rewarding programs in all areas, with more to
come every month. For the lowest priced health care products on the net,
great tools for all our affiliates and the best commission packages, that
you will find on the NET.
Basic Program pays      22% at a monthly sales volume of        $0 - $10,000
Silver Program pays     24% at a monthly sales volume of        $10,001 to
Gold Program pays       27% at a monthly sales volume of        $25,001 to
Platinum Program pays   30% at a monthly sales volume of        $75,001 and

One order per day                               four orders per day

1 order per day                                 4 orders per day
1 x 30 = 30                                             4 x 30 = 120
197.00 x 30 = 5910.00                           197.00 x 120 = 23640.00

Commissions equals for program
Total of 30 sales in one month          Total of 120 sales in one month
Basic           = 1300.20                               Basic   = 5200.00
Silver          = 1481.40                               Silver          =
Gold            = 1595.70                               Gold            =
Platinum        = 1773.00                               Platinum        =

All commission payments are calculated and paid out on the 5th day of every
month.  All payments are automatically dispersed.  All affiliates that have
a balance of less than $50.00 will be held over till the next payout period.

Join our team and see for yourself that we are committed to developing
strong, lasting affiliate partnerships.  At GlobalRxmed.com we drive
business the right way!

Now that you have read and see what we have to offer, let us show you what a
quality affiliate program can bring to your business.  We stand committed to
proving to the affiliate community that we are going to be the industry
leader in the internet marketing industry.

Click this link below and sign up today!

My commitment to you new and current affiliates, I will make all efforts to
help you be successful in the venture with RXshare.com

Feel free to contact me personally, so we may discuss our new business


Joseph Black
Affiliate Director RXshare.com
Phone: 800-247-1156
Email: address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden> 
ICQ: 193-532-381
MSN: address@hidden

Joseph Black 
Manager of Affiliate Marketing 
Toll Free: 1.800.247.1156 
ICQ:       193532381 
Email:      address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>  

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