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From: Bell Usman
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 23:33:04 -0800

Dear Friend,

I am a son of Major Gen. Umar Usman who died in active
service in LIBERIA CIVIL WAR while serving in Nigeria
Army under the umbrella of ECOMOG SOLDIERS, until his
death he was a pay master in Nigeria Army.  A week
before his death, he has collected the sum of
($25,000,000.00) U.S. Dollars only meant for the
salaries and other allowances of Nigeria Army serving
under (ECOMOG) Soldiers at Liberia.  It was while he
was there that he met his untimely death.  May his
soul rest in peace.  Amen. 

I am an University Graduate of Business Administration
discipline.  I graduated last year.  I am presently
under going the one year compulsory National Youth
Service Corps. (N.Y.S.C.).   As luck would have it
before my father embarked on what has now become his
last trip to Liberia, he has deposited the
($25,000,000.00) U.S. Dollars only in finance company for safety reasons.

Before he traveled, in his usual manner, he had
intimated me of this and said that he would be back in three days
time.  Little did I know, that would be last time I'd
see him alive.  Anyway, the ($25,000,000.00) U.S.
Dollars is now securely in a finance
company . It is now over two years
my father died and the army have since submitted
reports that the funds got missing during the battle
in Liberia. Now that the issue has died down, I have
completed the arrangement with the Finance Company to
transfer this  funds to their
foreign office in Europe, America, Africa or Asia, to
enable a foreign partner claim this fund on my behalf.
The reason why i contacted is to act as a foreign partner
to enable the finance company transfer this fund into your

I am soliciting for your overseas/foreign connection 
to help me get this money out of my country as I now
want to invest this money in business ventures abroad.

I have agreed with my family that 30% percent of the
total money goes to you as commission for your
assistance, while 70% percent is for me and my family.
Your absolute confidentiality is required to enable us
achieve a hitch free transaction. 
I look forward to your soonest reply.You can reply tomy private 

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Bello Usman.

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