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Coupons Request Email

From: Luke Nichols
Subject: Coupons Request Email
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 16:57:21 -0500


Luke Nichols

299 Old Oakvale Road

Princeton, WV 24740



Dear Sir, or Maam,

I am looking for coupons for goods and services. It don't matter which, or what kind. Just maybe links to coupon sites, and/or hard paper coupons sent through the mail. I may or may not use these coupons, but you never know. Besides, if you didn't want people to have them, you would not offer them, right?

Please do not reply to this email if you have received this email in error, being mean to me. I'm just doing what I can to judge what products and services are out there. Cursing me, and making snide remarks can accomplish nothing. As with all mailings, all you have to do is reply and put REMOVE in the subject if you do not wish for me to mail you again. Also, this is a one time request, or one time mailing. You'll never hear from me again.

Do email me if you want me to have coupons for your products and services, or know of links to coupon sites. I am more or less doing this for my Mother, who is interested in such things.

Thank you!

Luke Nichols

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