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Comic Question

From: Luke Nichols
Subject: Comic Question
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 16:40:19 -0500


To whom it may concern:

Can you tell me if my comic, "Roy" has any merit?  I know Im not a good artist, but maybe someone can take him over that can draw good.  If anyone wants to buy the rights to him, just give me a yell.  I don't really have time for him anymore, well, I do have time.  Just no more ideas.

Anyway, if you can give me your opinion, I'd be thankful.

Make opinions via email.  Any SERIOUS offers by either snail mail, or phone.  Phone hours 9am-7pm Eastern Time (USA)  Thanks.

Also, if you take him over, I'd like to stay on as a consultant.  Thanks!

Andrew Luke Nichols

299 Old Oakvale Road

Princeton, WV 24740



UK:  001-304-425-2187



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