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Important Mail

From: Mr.Jeff Chukwu
Subject: Important Mail
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 01:06:55 GMT

Mr.Jeff Chukwu
Chief Accountant,
Accounting department
NationWide Merchant
Bank Plc.
Marina-Branch, Lagos. 

First, I must solicit your confidence in this transaction. This is by 
virtue of it's nature as being utterly confidential and top secret. 
Though i know that a transaction of this magnitude will make any one 
apprehensive and worried. But i am assuring you that all will be well 
at the end of the day. we have decided to contact you through this 
medium due to the urgency of this transaction as we have been reliably 
informed of your discreteness and ability. 

My name is Jeff Chukwu, chief accountant, accounting department 
Nationwide Merchant Bank Plc i am writing in respect of a foreigner, a 
Ugandan national, Late Allan Mukuru,director of the IRC's aid 
programmes in Sierra Leone until his death in a Sierra Leone air crash 
you can visit the website for more confirmation of this proposal.


Sequel to this, fervent valuable efforts were made by Nationwide 
Merchant Bank Plc to get in touch with any of the Late Director of the 
IRC's aid programmes in Sierra Leone Mr Allan Mukuru,family or 
relatives but proved to no avail. it is because of the perceived 
possibility of not being able to locate any of the Late Mr Allan 
Mukuru,next-of-kin that the management under the influence of our 
honorable chairman and members of the board of directors, that 
arrangement will be made for the fund to be declared"un-claimable" and 
subsequently be donated to the trust fund for the purchase of arms and 
ammunition to further enhance the course of war in Africa and the 
world in general.

" war is a crime against humanity" in order to avert this crude and 
negative development, some of my trusted colleagues and i now seek 
your permission to have you stand as the next-of-kin to Late Director 
of the IRC's aid programmes in Sierra Leone Mr Allan Mukuru, so that 
the fund us$10m would be released and paid into your account as the 
beneficiary's next-of kin. all documents and proves to enable you 
receive this fund will be carefully worked out and more so as 
professional bankers, we are assuring you of 100% risk free 
involvement. your share stays while the rest will be for myself and my 
colleagues for investment purposes in your country.

I agreed that 20% will be your share as a foreign partner in respect 
of providing an account while 10% will take of any expenses that might 
be incurred in the process of succeeding the transfer and the rest 
will be for me and my partners which will contribute to make 
everything possible. thereafter, i will visit your country for 
disbursement as i am almost due for retirement will not fail to bring 
to your notice that this business is hitch free and that you should 
not entertain any fear as the whole required arrangement has been 
perfected for the transfer. you are to provide for us, your banking in 
formations where this fund will be transferred, company name and 
address, phone and fax numbers (private) your full name as you want it 
to appear in your application form of claim and little information?s 
about yourself, so that i equally will know your ability to handle 
this transaction. 

Have a nice day 
Best regards, 
Jeff Chukwu
Chief accountant,
NationWide Merchant
Bank Plc.


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