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urgent from Mr.MICHAEL DYSON

Subject: urgent from Mr.MICHAEL DYSON
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005 13:04:23 +0200
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Assistant Director
Cotonou Republic of Benin
Email: address@hidden
Tel:00229 20 21 80


I know that my message will be of a great surprise when it comes to you. 
Therefore, I present all my excuses to you.  I write to you sincerely with an
aim of obtaining your co-operation and your confidence being able to allow me
to carry out an urgent business with you, also ,I am Mr. MICHAEL DYSON working
am the Director-assistant of this company.  With the fact , four years ago one
of our customers a LEBANESE NATIONALITY had deposited its consignment
containing the data-processing parts in our company's custody for safe keeping.
 After a few years later , precisely, DECEMBER 25, 2003, we had been informed of
the sudden death of our customer who died in an air crash t (crash of plane) in
Cotonou ' now we had not noted anybody and also no member of its family came to
assert these consignment in our company,  the director of our company asked me
to provide the relations to find the partner of the Late Mr Ali who will come
to claim the aforementioned consignment.

 All this is entrusted to me because i was a Very good friends of Mr.Ali and
also i maintained good relationship I do all this as a friend and also because
all its family had passed there in this crash  at the  COTONOU AIRPORT 
(REPUBLIC OF B√ČNIN), we had tried to contact some survivors of Mr.Ali but
nobody  knows any close relation of Late ALI.
I want you and me, Assistant Director of the company to keep the secrecy  of
this business where the aforementioned goods are kept with greatest safety. 
whereas after I discovered that Late Mr. Ali lodged money with our company,
after an inspection I discovered a mail in the strong box of our company,in
this mail was a note written and signed before by Mr Ali was mentioned the sum
of 160 million US dollars which were covered with some parts of data processing
that it had only declared at the time of the freight depot, and nobody in the
company had not thought of knowing the true contents of this strong box , I am
the only one who know the true contents of the mail in the box  that it
contains 45 million US dollars, and not instruments.  After the discovery of
this treasure, I sought a Foreign investors being able to be able to assert
This money with an aim of investing it in a better project the request from
abroad for an intervention in this business is because the customer was not a
BENINOIS but LEBANESE,Unfortunately from the day of its death till the this
moment, any of its relations or friends did not approach us for the claim.

 Our COMPANY OF SAFETY Stipulates that if such BOXES remained not claimed after
one two years period it will be transferred to the treasury from the company ,
like the unclaimed property.  On this discovery I now decided to make the deal
with you.  I want you to represent Late Mr.Ali's partner so that you can claim
the consignment and i want this to be done as soon as possible as a matter of
urgency before the company's transferred the Consignment to the company's
treasury known as unclaimed property.  This because my retirement in this
service approaches.  The need from abroad like relationship or associate of the
family in this project is then necessary for a perfect success of this business,
and I cannot play this role of relationship or associated of the family or the
heir.  I agree to offer 45 % of the total to you by implying you like foreign
associate and 5% for your expenditure:  for example the air ticket of arrival
and the return for the signature of the document of claim of the money and even
for your invoices of hotel, then I will please visit your country (1) for your
information you must apply to the Company of safety initially like the
associate and manager of the goods of the family with the documents that I will
send to you.  With reception of your recognition indicating your interest, I
will send to you the photocopy of the international Passport of  late Mr. Ali
so that you can finally take note of information, (2) I will send the form to
you to be filled for the change of property of his name to your name and of
then you will be advantageously owner of this money, (3) I will use my position
in the office as the ASSISTANT DIRECTOR to help you to provide all the documents
necessary for the withdrawal of the aforementioned Consignment also you can send
me your direct fax and personal telephone number for an effective communication,

I await your urgent response ,:  I PREFER THAT YOU ANSWER ME WITH MY PERSONAL
EMAIL ADDRESS :  ( address@hidden ) Please accept my best
greetings.  To discover the truth of this business you can open this
NB:  If this business proves stronger than you I request to agree to help me by
finding me a person worthy of this name which can help me.

Assistant  Director
Email:   address@hidden
Tel:00229 20 21 80

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