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Good Conscience

From: rvdjik
Subject: Good Conscience
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 06:51:19 +0200
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Compliments of the day,

My name is Joseph Ejercito Estrada (jr), I am the last of the children of
the deposed president of Philippine who was accused of stacking millions of
Dollars in foreign private accounts. Though this is an inglorious act, it is
dis-heartening to discover that the very people who fed fat from my father's
benevolence and turned around to stab him in the back like Brutus to Caesar
are still the same people who have converted all that my father struggled to
get to themselves and their families. It is even worse to know that 70% of
his nuclear family has equally turned their back on him. I wonder if this is
his destiny as his father had rejected him, which forced him to adopt
Estrada as his name.

We have suffered humiliations from the public, relatives, elder ones and my
stepmother; we had sold all that we had including the house that my father
bought for my mum. We had gone to our step mother and elder ones several
times but they have consistently denied the fact that we are their brothers
and have several times demanded a DNA test from us.

Faith smiled on us recently when we discovered that my father had made
adequate provision for us. He had deposited the sum of US$9.4 Million (nine
million, four hundred thousand united States Dollars only) with an alias
(Jose Velarde) in a private vault in Netherlands, Europe, and I have all
documents of deposit with me. We have been deliberating on how to invest
this fund abroad in a confidential manner until we came to a conclusion to
use it to buy estates and part of it will be used for the Tsunami Victims in
Indonesia while the other will be kept for my elder brother to run for the
next election in our local council, at least this will give us a face lift.

I got your contact from the internet during the course of my search for a
reliable foreigner who will assist me in receiving this fund and investing
it in real estate as we have decided. As it will not be possible for us to
do it anyone or ourselves from this country as Gloria Arroyo is constantly
nosing around to get information that will enable her further prosecute my

We shall discuss terms once you are ready to assist in this regard.

We await your response.

Joseph Ejercito(Jr) 

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