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Granite marble stone glass, we seal it all!

From: Granite Shield
Subject: Granite marble stone glass, we seal it all!
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 09:36:26 -0700

Granite Shield Business Opportunity
Would you like to make more money per square foot?
Become a Granite Shield authorized applicator and you can make an additional $2.50 per square foot on every granite countertop and $1.00 on flooring that you sell.
A unique Catalyzing Polymer Carbon Crystal coating system
Granite Shield is the inventor of the CPCC coating system for stone. Our chemist has created multiple catalyzing polymer coatings for all types of stone that are so unique, Granite Shield gives a lifetime warranty against stains on granite. No sealer on the market can duplicate or make those claims.
Coat everything in the kitchen for a low maintenance lifestyle
Once Granite Shield is applied to granite, it is stain-proof and maintenance free for life creating a lifetime warranty. You can also coat stone & tile flooring, grout, glass windows and stainless steel.
Improves the shine on polished surfaces yet will not change matte finishes
Granite ShieldÂ’s carbon crystal forms a double covalent bond to the granite countertop, smoothing the pits and crevices giving the granite a glossier surface and more depth to the shine. It will not change matte surfaces.
Shower doors and walls can be coated with Granite Shield's CPCC
You can add additional sales while in the home by coating glass shower doors and all types of shower walls. It makes cleaning with harsh chemicals to remove hard water deposits a thing of the past.
Granite Shield
Call now to reserve your exclusive territory!
Toll Free (877) 477-3254
Email: address@hidden
Granite Shield is a division of Sealing Technologies Mngmt. Inc. CL# 426383 since 1982  www.GraniteShield.net

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