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Rate Quote for free!

From: Lindsay Shelton
Subject: Rate Quote for free!
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 10:17:08 +0500
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You have been chosen to participate in an invitation only limited time event! Are you currently paying over 3% for your mortgage? STOP! We can help you lower that today! Answer only a few questions and we can give you an approval in under 30 seconds – it’s that simple!

And stop fighting for lenders – let them fight for you! Make them work for your 
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Think your credit is too bad to get a deal like this? THINK AGAIN! We will have 
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Are you ready to save your money? http://tI4T.j0hnd0e.com/p1.asp

To update our records go m3ssages.com/deletion.asp, database updates can take 
up to 72 hours.

Lindsay Shelton

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