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Creativity and Innovation Newsletter - May 2005 Vol 2

From: Innovation Thinktank
Subject: Creativity and Innovation Newsletter - May 2005 Vol 2
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 02:51:43 -0400


May 2005

Seek a Creativity Driven Future
Practical View

Peter Drucker provided a clear and practical view of innovation a few decades ago. He moved the discussion on innovation from something mysterious or "flash of genius" to an act that is purposeful and systematic. There has been so much focus on innovation recently because growth is a priority for existing organizations, yet they are disenchanted with their ability to harness innovation to effectively do so. Given the current competitive environment, search for new ideas that could be developed to bring growth matter.

In this newsletter titled Creativity and Innovation, our discussion on current innovation-related issues, practical ideas, successful innovators, principles and companies continues.

 Key Questions

What fosters innovation within a city?
What are the challenges for life science innovators?
Would there be a shift in value for innovators?
 Practical Ideas

Collaboration is key - Tom Finneran, President MBC
Choose right ideas - Robert Wiesman, Boston Globe
Life science is analogous to film industry - Josh Boger, CEO Vertex
  Successful Pioneers

Vin Learson - IBM 360
Kevin Plank - Under Armour
Anita Roddick - Body Shop
  Book Synopsis

Innovation: The Missing Dimension - Lester & Piore
Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Peter Drucker
  Innovative Companies

Dell - Build to Order
Chaliyuan - Gas Pump for Phones

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