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From: mark armour
Subject: confidential
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 10:15:41 +0100

Your information was given to me by one of the board of directors at HSBC bank 
PLC london headquaters United Kingdom, It is my previledge in calling your 
attention to this transaction as opportunity comes once in a life 
time.Precisely in the year 2004 the TESCO supermarket PLC announced the annual 
profit of £9.9 Billion Pounds Sterling in which my Board has the responsibility 
for the recommendation and award of contracts for the 
TESCO Supermarket PLC here in United Kingdom. 

In the course of our assignment, we did over-inflate the contracts for some 
supplies to our company as a result. The sum of £20 Million (Twenty Million 
Pounds Sterling) is now outstanding and the original contractors who
executed the supplies has been fully paid, leaving this outstanding sum. 
Unfortunately, we as a Board of Director cannot withdraw the money here locally 
due to our active position in office. 

We therefore need your kind cooperation to transfer this outstanding sum of £20 
Million Pounds Sterling to your account anywhere very safe. We shall compensate 
you with 12% of the funds for your assistance after the 
transfer. We the officials here shall have 78% while 10% will be set aside for 
any miscellanous expenses.

You need to send us the following documents=
1. Individual/Company address

2. Tel/fax and E-mail address.

3. Full name

4.Bank details and Bank address

5.Date of birth

The funds will be remmitted to you through our correspoding (HSBC bank PLC). As 
soon as we receive your quick response, we shall commence the process and it is 
expected to take 5 working days to complete the transfer. Note that after the 
remmittance all documents involved will be destroyed.

Await your earliest response.

Yours truly,

Mark Armour
Chief Finance Officer, Tesco Plc.
e-mail-- address@hidden
e-mail-- address@hidden
tel   --4479-6784-1468
fax  -- 4487-0135-4678

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