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Dear Please I Need Your Urgent Assistance

From: Patricia Alamieyeseigha
Subject: Dear Please I Need Your Urgent Assistance
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 21:20:31 +0400

Compliment of the seasons to you and your household.
I am writing this mail to you from where I take my refuge. Although, this mail 
will be coming to you as a surprise basically because you knew me from no where 
and have in no way met before, but do not be frightened at what the content of 
the letter will be. It is coming to you as a seek for an assistance and at same 
time a    n opportunity which we both will benefit from.
Firstly, I am Patricia Alamieyeseigha, a daughter to Governor Alamieyeseigha of 
Bayelsa state in Nigeria.
Owing to my father's problem in London with the British police in connection 
with the discovery of some huge amount of money in his bedroom and all that, I 
write to seek for your assistance possibly.
Unfortunately, he has been moving some money out of the country through the 
security company but this time he was taking some with him and that amounted to 
his problem. He is presently being detained in London.
Meanwhile, he had informed me to leave the country for my refuge from where I 
would contact the security company where he has deposited some other of his 
Therefore, I had to leave my country for Dubai City as it was the easiest place 
I could be for now till I plan further. I have already contacted the security 
company and was informed that whenever I am ready, I can start the process of 
moving the money amounted to Euro 48M (forty eight million euros)to any foreign 
The foreign representative could stand as the beneficiary so that the fund 
could be moved in his.
On the other hand, the fund would not be moved by the beneficiary rather, the 
security company would present a Diplomat who can move the fund to the 
beneficiary's location or the active account..
You will be given 20% of the total sum as per my father's instruction.
I will be waiting earnestly to your swift response.
Thanks and may God bless you and your family.
Miss. Patricia Alamieyeseigha.
NB: You can as well search via internet to confirm the legitimacy of this mail. 
Search (www.nigeriaworld.com <http://www.nigeriaworld.com>) to read about my 
father and his predicament.

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