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Looking forward to your response.

Subject: Looking forward to your response.
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 08:17:29 +0000

Attn: Sir,

My name is Samuel Kelson. A Ghanaian. 43yrs,Christian from Ashanti region of
Ghana. I work as a confidential secretary to the managing Director of
Citicredit Security Company, Accra Ghana. I got your name from a friend of
mine who is a social worker with the UN, London office. He did not give me
many details about you, but he assured that you could be trusted.

An inventory of abandoned consignments in our warehouse just revealed that
there are more than 350 abandoned consignments in our warehouse. Most of
them are consignments of funds deposited by Dictators like the Former
military leaders of Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra loane. I have conducted a
secret investigation on consignment no CCV/D556/2001 containing the sum of
$12m cash($100 bills)US dollars. An army General in made this deposit from
Liberia who is confirmed dead in the Liberia war. He did not se his name but
simple codes. This simply means that he did not deposit the fund in his
name, but in codes. I was also the one who did the documentations the day he
brought the box. I know the secret.

The policy of this company states in its agreement that upon death of any
client or when a consignment is confirmed ABANDONED, any one who presents
all the vital SECURITY information on a deposited consignment is assumed to
be the beneficiary of the consignment,. Since this man is now dead and no one
has come up to claim the consignment in 4yrs.It has been considered
abandoned, I can use my position as the secretary to the managing Director
of the company, get all the required Security codes and all the documents in
the File and send to you, so you can apply for the release of the
consignment as the beneficiary. It is very simple as far as I am here to
assist you.

Since I am here and I know all the process, I can guide you, supply you
information and you deal with the company directly. As far as you state all
the necessary security codes to the application you will send to the
company, they must release the consignment to you. If you are interested,
call me let us talk, so that i will give you full details on the procedure.
We can also discuss the mode of sharing and expenses.

Looking forward to your response.

Samuel Kelson

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