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Neuro-Diagnosis Software - SSEP

From: DTU Soft
Subject: Neuro-Diagnosis Software - SSEP
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 18:08:18 -0600

DTU Soft presents a new diagnostic software title of interest.

(Notice: For immediate release, forward as necessary.)

This letter is to introduce the neurodiagnostic software, 'Evoke Professional.' 

'Evoke Professional' was developed for those companies and clinicians who would like to expand the scope of their practice to include the performance of upper and lower extremity Somato Sensory Evoked Potential Studies (SSEP).  It automates essentially all aspects of the neurodiagnosis as well the production of the final written report – no dictation necessary!

We believe as a practicing clinician, this product will be of significant interest to you. 


As you know, current electrodiagnostic equipment includes devices that already have the capability to perform this type of testing (e.g., EMG and Nerve Conduction Velocity Studies).  However, many clinicians that purchase these machines are unfamiliar with the SSEP neurodiagnosis aspect and, hence, do not perform these studies - opting instead to refer them to outside centers resulting in patient inconvenience, prolonged time to diagnosis and lost revenue stream.


'Evoke Professional' now solves the above problems. It requires only that the technician performing the study input the latency values generated by the equipment into the program.  The software will then immediately generate the neurodiagnostic findings, impression and report - ready for your review and signature. Your office staff may then fax, mail or e-mail the report to the consulting physician, hospital or insurance carrier. 


If you already perform SSEP studies, 'Evoke Professional's neurodiagnosis automation and report generator will save you, on the average, 30 minutes per two extremity study (i.e., review of data, neurodiagnosis formulation, dictation of report, review and proofing of transcription) as well as avoiding the time and expense of dictation and the three to seven day routine transcription turnaround time – the report will be ready for billing the same day the study is performed!  If you currently perform 20 studies per month, this translates into an overall time savings of 10 hours – allowing the physician to maximize the study related revenue and total number of studies done in one month, resulting in an overall increase in practice cash flow.


We invite you to download a fully functional demo version of the 'Evoke Professional’ software and experience firsthand its ease of operation.  Once you have used the software, we believe you will find it to be a valuable clinical electrodiagnostic tool and an asset to your practice.


If you would like to download the software, send us an e-mail (address@hidden ) and we will send you the  'Evoke Professional'  download link.  Or, if you prefer, we will mail you a copy of the demo program on CD-ROM disk. 


Simply e-mail us at address@hidden to request the disk, listing the address where we should mail it.  Note: the download link will have the latest program version.


We are available by e-mail  address@hidden  to discuss the software and consider any customization or suggestions you may have.



Marilee, DTU Soft Sales, U.S.A.


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If you use other e-mail addresses, please include those as well or you may continue to receive our notices. Thank you.

DTU Soft

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